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What You Need To Know About Switchboards

It’s very easy to forget the importance of doing certain checks around your home, especially when you are working within a budget, like most Aussie families. When it comes to your family and your home however, switchboard testing that could potentially uncover a fire hazard waiting to happen, needs to take priority. In the same way that you would take your car straight to a mechanic the moment you had noticed even the slightest problem with the brakes, having your home’s switchboard checked the minute you suspect their might be an issue, is just as vital to the safety of your family.

Whether you are living in an older home or you’ve just bought some new appliances or have had air conditioning installed, it’s important to ensure that your electrical switchboard is in perfect working order, and able to take the load required of it. If you are looking for the expert professionals in switchboard upgrades in Sydney, call us today.

Leave electrical related repairs to the professionals

It’s important that you don’t try to perform switchboard repairs yourself. In fact, if you need anything done that’s more complicated than changing a light bulb, it’s a good idea to phone an electrician.

When you are dealing with large amounts of electricity, it’s certainly a job for the experts. Not only could you potentially risk having a major accident, but there are huge fines that can also be incurred and if anything was to happen to your home as a result of your work, your insurance company will not be able to cover you. By letting us perform the switchboard replacement in your home you can rest easy knowing the quality work we provide will have the electrical systems in your residence working perfectly and above all, safely.

What is the purpose of the switchboard?

A switchboard contains circuit breakers, a mains switch and a safety switch. The electricity you receive from your power company flows from wires into your home and from the panel the electrical current provides power to everything you need from your television to your dishwasher. If there was an overload of power to surge through these wires, they could melt. If you were to touch an overloaded wire you could receive a nasty electrical shock.

The purpose of the switchboard is to monitor this flow of power and to stop a surge in electricity, keeping your home safe. Depending on the age of your switchboard, when a problem is detected two things could happen. In older switchboards, a fuse blows. With newer switchboards, one of the circuit breakers will simply flip off.

If you notice that your television or other appliance you are currently using suddenly turns off but the rest of your home still has power, it is most likely that one of your circuit breakers has been flipped off. If you turn it back on at the switchboard and it goes off again, it’s a good idea to have a licensed professional come in and find out what the cause of the problem is. The problem could be localised to a particular appliance or there could be an electrical fault somewhere and this could potentially cause a fire.

Are your lights dim or flicker when you turn on an appliance? This is another sign that you could have a potentially hazardous issue that needs urgent attention. It could simply be a case of wear and tear and therefore an easy repair job for a licensed electrician. In many cases people have problems with their power because they are trying to run too many appliances from the same power source at the one time in their home.

If you find that your power is completely out and no other house in your street is experiencing a loss of power you can always take a look at your switchboard and see if the mains switch is off.

In any of the above scenarios, it’s a sensible decision to have a qualified electrician give your home a once over to ensure that your electrical systems are working as they should be.

When it’s time for a switchboard upgrade?

Your switchboard needs to be able to handle the amount of power your home needs to feed electricity to every part of your residence. If it’s not, or it’s in need of repair, the problem will only worsen over time. It’s best to have your switchboard inspected to ensure it can handle the load and if it isn’t, you should have it replaced immediately. Our team of professional electricians offer fast, reliable service to ensure your home’s switchboard is up to the task of powering and protecting your home.

Reasons why it might be time to upgrade your switchboard?

  • If you have an older home and your switchboard hasn’t been upgraded for some time.
  • If you are thinking about installing solar panels.
  • If you are renovating your home and require a switchboard that can handle more electricity.
  • If you are experiencing problems with any of your appliances, such a lights dimming or random appliances turning off when the rest of the power remains on.

Switchboard upgrades don’t have to cost the earth. We provide switchboard installation and repair at reasonable prices, giving you a number of solutions after assessing your specific situation. Our trained and experienced electricians ensure your switchboard is capable and safe. Searching for the the experts in switchboard repairs in Sydney? Let us offer you the expert advice and solution you deserve today.

The advantages of upgrading your switchboard

Upgrading your switchboard safeguards your family and your home from any potential fire risks associated with outdated and poorly maintained switchboards. Not sure if your switchboard can handle all of your appliances or just want to make sure your switchboard is in safe, working order? Call us today and one of our specialists will be able to provide you with the fast, reliable and high quality service our electricians are renowned for.

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