Energy Efficient Lighting

Recently consumption of energy in Australian households has been increasing at a rapid pace. The reason why this has been happening is due to the fact of larger residential buildings been constructed as well as larger homes. Large building and / or homes these days have more lighting installed indoor and outdoor, on average the lighting consumes between 8 and 15 percent of the average household electricity budget.

Almost all households can minimise the amount of energy they use for their lights by almost 50%. This is done by making smart choices for their light bulb & equipment.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

LED technology has been rapidly evolving, consistently improving on efficiency, design and application. For some time now, LED lights have been offering a higher light output with lower power consumption. The effect of this technology has caused households and businesses to save on power costs, in most cases up to 50%.


LED Downlights

Most modern homes and commercial properties these days have LED downlights. These lights not only make the home or office look modern but they also save on the power bill. Down light LED lights are currently more expensive than conventional lighting, the main reason why is; because they are 4-5 times more efficient than halogen light bulbs. Higher end LED products life expectancy is between 20,000 to 40,000 hours (this can vary depending on the quality of the product).

halogen light bulb down light

Halogen & common mistakes

Halogen 12v lights are commonly mistaken for energy efficient lights due to their low voltage. Halogen lights are traditional lighting systems which use reflector lamps.

Halogen lights come in 2 main types; 12V utilising a transformer and 240V (main voltage halogen). In order to save on your energy bills you need low wattage globes.

Halogens consume more than 4 – 20 times more electricity than LEDs. For the 12v halogen lights special fitting and wiring is required which in tern can cost you more. In most situations when comparing halogen to LED you would need multiple halogen bulbs in the same area which 1 LED would cover to create the same or near same amount of light.


Pear-shaped incandescent globes

For many years the old pear-shaped style incandescent globes have been used as the main type of bulb for home and business lighting. This type of bulb works by heating an electric spring looking element until it is so hot, it turns white. This white is what gives of the light from the globe causing the room to luminate.

Practically all of the energy used to power the globe is converted to heat, with only a minor portion actually used to convert the element to white which lights up the room. What this means is a lot of the energy used to power this globe is wasted.

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